May 29, 2022


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SystemSpecs released full features of Remita app


SystemSpecs has recently unveiled the full feature of the remit a app. The new app will help Nigerians take full control of their finance especially in the area of payment with a smartphone. The app will be able to do tasks such as  managing various bank accounts, settle all kinds of bills through the app and take control of personal finances.

According to Nigeria Communications Week, the Remita app is available in Android and iOS devices. Among other things, it can protects users from fraud. The app allows users share QR codes to make payments via email, whatapps, just to mention a few.
“Remita App places so much power in the hands of users by making it much easier and faster for them to manage their accounts across various banks and settle bills, on-the-go, it is particularly exciting that so much can be done from the comfort of their mobile device, without needing any other mobile app, any token, or visiting any bank branch.” said John Obaro, Managing Director of SystemSpecs.

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