May 20, 2022


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Tech firms: Nokia and Xiaomi signed Patent Agreement


Nokia a tech firm base in Finland and Xiaomi which is based in China has reached and signed a business collaboration agreement. In addition, both tech firms signed patent agreement that will last for many years.

The agreement will enable Nokia as well as Xiaomi to use their patent cellular standards. According the the report by Nokia, Xiaomi also acquired patent assets from Nokia which is also part of the business agreement.

Earlier, Nokia has appointed a well known market strategist, Gregory Lee, who has worked with Samsung for 13 years.

The new agreement with a tech firm similar to Nokia may result in senegy as business people usually put it.

But they may be other benefits for such collaboration. Xiaomi firm, established by Lei Jun, is an expert on software, hardware and internet services. Their products are similar to that of Nokia. They manufacture smart phones, TVs, routers, wearabouts, accessories and home products.

The collaboration may, in my opinion, enable Nokia and Xiaomi to interchange tech knowledge including the Internet of Things, IoT.

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Nokia as so far manufactures the famous Nokia 3310 which is now sold in Nigeria. They also Nokia 3, 5 and 7. More to it, Nokia makes Virtual Reality, VR, gadgets.

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