May 29, 2022


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Telcos Infrastructures do not cause Cancer-NCC


I remember when I a time when people say if you put your phone in pocket and phone call comes in, it will cause cancer. Then, I was couldn’t put my phone in my pocket but instead hold it on my hands. That was a long time ago, probably some five or more years back.

Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, the body in charge of regulating telecommunications companies in Nigeria has clarify this in one of their Community programme called Consumer Outreach Programme, COP.

In the COP meeting held in Numan, Adamawa State, the commission made it clear that “Ectromagnetic Fields (EMF) radiation associated with telecommunication infrastructure and devices” DO NOT cause cancer.

With over 25000 publications and about 6000 summaries of individual scientific studies ( – Accessed 25 August 2017), information is still bandied by many linking radiation from telecom infrastructure and devices to cancer. This is falsehood because radiation from these sources is non-ionizing (do not possess enough energy to penetrate cells and therefore not harmful to humans). Report NCC.

Other issues discoursed are the commission toll free line 622 which telcos consumers can used to complain about their grievances and the Do Not Disturb, DND, short code 2442, to stop excessive messages sent by telcos that consumers do not need. You can read more on it in one of my post here.

Those in attendance includes, telecom companies, consumer rights advocacy groups, traditional and other leaders of the Numan community, the press, law enforcement agencies and persons from State institutions and institutions of the Civil Society, as well as members of the NYSC on primary assignment in Numan.

Do the fear of cancer from telcos infrastructures and devices also affects the way you used your mobile gadgets? You can comment these in the comment box below to let us know.

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