May 20, 2022


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Telcos may not get any price hike


The telecommunications companies in Nigeria have been pushing for price hike at the beginning of this year till now. However, telecom regular, Nigerian Telecommunications Commission, NCC, has turn deaf ear to their demands.

According to Nigeria Communications Week, Telcos has been pushing for price hike at the first quarter of this year, however, they have not receive any go-ahead from NCC. If four primary telecom companies in Nigeria succeed in this the price of internet subscription will be N2,000 per gigabyte while call rate will become N24 per minute, says Nigeria Communications Week.

This will certainly result to low usage of call and internet services by consumers. You know the demand and supply stuff. However, the number of internet subscribers was reported to be more than 92 million whereas Nigerian population is more than 180 million.

Instead of price hike, telecom companies should consider increasing their infrastructure to areas where they aren’t available. Most especially, in the rural areas of the country. They increasing their base, they will have more customers as well as more revenue.

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