May 20, 2022


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Ten Startups in Lagos chosen for Seedstar World Lagos event


Seedstar World has selected ten Nigeria startup for it’s competition that will take place on Friday, 25th August, 2017. Winner of the competition will join other winners across the Africa continent next year.

Startups who won the competition will be funded with $500,000 equity investment along with other prizes (each startup can win over $1million). The startups chosen must have been established for less than two years and perceived to have a regional and global scalability.
According to disrupt-Africa, the ten startups to compete in Nigeria are:

DropQue-this is an AI-powered recruitment platform.

Edves-A educational tech platform.

eWorker-A developer-finding platform

GetJama-data collection platform

Irecycle-social marketplace for recycling products

Medsaf-an electronic health startup

Parcel-it, an e-delivery platform dry cleaning service startup fintech startup and

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Wesabi-a professional services network.

Winners in Lagos will join other startups winners in Mozambique, Tunisia, Tanzania, South Africa and Uganda in Switzerland.

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