May 20, 2022


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The UBA Chat Bot Banker, Leo, is your online Banking Companion


With the growth of technology in Nigeria landscape. Especially, in the financial technology and engineering system and the introduction of cashless policy by the Central Bank of Nigeria in January 2012, the need for digital banking becomes more and more popular by the day. Various Fintech startups have introduced innovate disruptive digital products that aid payments and banking.

With these innovations in the financial technology space, many Nigerians who leverage on it are banking in the comfort of their home. All they need, along with a smartphone, is social infrastructures which includes constant electricity and information technology infrastructures.

United Bank of Africa, UBA, an indigenous bank founded in 1949 had introduced a new way of banking without going to the bank and through social media. Chat bot which is the future of technology in the world space, is what USB has introduced to the country. This made the bank to be the first Money Deposit Bank in Nigeria to use this new form of online banking.

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UBA Chat bot, is nickname “Leo.” Leo is now the new online banker for the bank. Customers of the bank can assess Leo through Facebook. According to UBA in its press statement, the bank partner with Facebook to ensure the successful creation of Leo. The Bank planned to include other social media platform in the future.

This Artificial Intelligence, AI, can be your banker while you seat comfortable at home. You can perform various tasks which ordinarily you need to go to the banking hall to do them.

A particular aspect I liked about Leo Virtual Banker is the ability to carry out banking services anytime. To enjoy thesd services customers must update their phone number if they haven’t do so. For each transaction undertaking by Leo, a One Time Password, OTP is generated and sent to your phone number. You will need to type the password while charting with Leo for you to complete the transaction.


Various transactions you can perform with Leo includes and not limited to open new accounts, receive instant transaction notifications, check their balances on the go, transfer funds and airtime top up, confirm cheques, pay bills apply for loans, freeze accounts, and request for mini statements.

Though, I am not a UBA customer, but I decided to try out Leo just to experiment and know if it is real. You know, doubting Thomas. And Yes it was. This is a snapshot of it.

UBA trades it shares in the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE. It market price per share as at writing this post was NGN12.9 and the share value was NGN212,804,387.40.
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