January 26, 2022


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The “We Move” Mantra is the best thing for Entrepreneurs

The We Move Mantra is the best thing for Entrepreneurs

Have you heard of the “we move” mantra? Most definitely not! However, it happens to be a slogan popularised by Armstrong Prosper, a digital and business development strategist. Although it may look more like a phrase, it was born with power in it. A mantra is a form of energy or motivation for entrepreneurs. You should always remember the “we move” mantra, but why? Here are some reasons why the mantra is vital for you.

You want to begin a business

Starting a business is no joke. Aside, setting aside finance to begin, you need a lot of energy to begin. The “we move” Mantra may just be what will drive the force in you to begin that great idea as a business.

Your business had collapsed

It is true that more than 80 percent of small business falls within the first five years. This is true, many businesses have collapsed in my watch as a business writer. OLX is just a singular of them all. If such a large business can fall, then it is not a cause that a business may fail. Shits happens! This means your business may not succeed and you may need to move on or start a new one.

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The “we move” mantra is just what you need to give you the right energy to cope with the previous business and resume a new business. Remembering that you need to move ahead will help you get up, start brainstorming a new business idea, and resume another business.

Is the Covid-19 pandemic hitching your business?

Here again, you need the “we move” mantra to motivate your spirit. Knowing that you have to move on no matter what is a positive mindset that may put you in the light of the lamp to push for success. The pandemic will definitely go away and then you will continue that great business.

You want to leave that great job to start a business

This is one of the most difficult divisions to make. Leaving a business that provides your daily bread to commence a new business is not an easy task. It is a normal thing for you to have at least six months of your monthly income intact before you decide to quit that job and resume your new business.

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However, it might still be difficult to begin the business. But remembering the “we move” mantra gives that energy that you need to move to the next phase of your life. The slogan is a powerful word at that moment of your life.

What will help you remember this mantra?

Using the mantra “we move” on a daily basis is one way to help you remember it. Another way is by writing it as your collection of new words or phrases or as a note.

Are there other ways to use the “we move” mantra? Please, let us know.