May 28, 2022


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Top 10 Feature Phones Less than 15k

Certain circumstances at times makes millennials to use feature phones. But before I look into it, I believe you may or may not know what featured phones means. Allow me to take a few seconds to explain, what is feature phones.

Feature phones are low budget phones which have certain features you can find in your regular smartphones but are of low quality. Some of his features are cameras, memory space, WhatsApp,Facebook and other social platform. You can also browse with feature mobile phones.

Circumstances that makes millennials used featured phones

Generally, millennials including me prefer to use smartphones and flagship smartphones. We used it to show-of among our peers, meet our regular camera needs, surf the internet, stream YouTube videos among others. However, there are circumstances that makes millennials used feature phones, these are

As an alternative phone.

When our smartphone is stolen or lost.

As the phone making making general calls.

10 Feature Phones less than 15k

  • Nokia 216. Price right now is N14,800
  • Nokia 130. Price right now is N11,800
  •  Tecno T472. Price is N11,500
  • Tecno T528. Price is N8,500
  • itel Mobile A11. Android 6.0 Operating System. Price is N14,000.
  • itel 6190. Price is N9,200.
  • Bontel Great One. Price is N13,000
  • Bontel L1. Price right now is N7,800
  • Samsung E1205 Keystone 2. Price is N7,800
  • X-Tigi S37. Price is N8,000.
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Some basic Specifications for feature phones are

Camera. Front and back. Maximum of 2MP lens

Screen size. Maximum of 4”

Connector. USB type 2.0, Bluetooth and earpiece

Memory. External storage. Maximum 4GB.

Network Connection. GSM/2G and 3G at most.

Battery size. Maximum of 2mAh capacity.

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