January 29, 2022


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Top six websites to create free Invoice templates for small business


Source documents have been discussed in detail in an earlier lesson. Invoice and its functions have also be examined. Furthermore, how to create a simple invoice from a Microsoft Word has been elaborated. This is useful if you own a small business. Instead of doing it yourself invoices, you can create a simple or complex invoice from Invoice templates from specific websites. Here are six of such websites:

Invoice-Generator: This is one of the top websites you can easily create an invoice within minutes. Download such an invoice and made it available to customers either by emails or WhatsApp. Invoice generator is free to use and you can easily change the currency to Nigeria Naira.

However, you can upgrade to a pro-version of it. And enjoy the benefit of cloud storage among others for just 30 Dollars. Below is such template created from Invoice-Generator.

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Top six websites to create free Invoice templates for small business

Invoice Home: For invoice home, you can create virtually any type of source document. Just name it, receipt, purchase order, proforma invoice and more. To begin using invoice home, you simply create an invoice, after which it will prompt you to sign up and save the document on their cloud service. You can as well download it as a PDF file and sent it to customers through an electronic medium.

Invoice Simple: This is another free invoice template website. Here you can select from a list of well-designed invoice themes from which you can create your own simple invoice. The templates come with varieties of colors. If in any way you do not like the design of any of the available invoices you can customize yours by clicking on the customized link.

Freshbook: Just like the other invoice template websites above, Freshbook provides varieties of free invoice templates for business in MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF. It also has a paid platform. The paid platform allows you to download more customizable invoices, receive funds and transfer funds. However, that feature may not be useful in Nigeria for now. Freshbook accepts only credit cards.

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Invoiceberry: This is another source for a free invoice template for small businesses. However, with Invoiceberry you can as well send invoice remainder if the customer is yet to pay for the goods purchased. However, aside from the very few invoices available for download, it has paid a professional invoice you can try for 30 days for free. After which you pay for it.

Business-in-a-box: This is one invoice template site you will never regret using. However, it is not really a free one. You are allowed for free trials after which you will be charged for using the resources in it. Aside from creating source documents, you can as well create other business letters documents such as demand note and account receivables sheet.

Here it is a wrap on source documents. Next business transactions will be examined.