May 28, 2022


Accounting + Finance Blog App Review. Everything you should know

Shares is a financial technology company base in Nigeria. The business helps Nigerians to bank seamlessly without the stress of going through the bank. Through, their web platform you can tell people to pay you money. But the mobile app platform can help with receiving and sending money and more other stuffs. The App can also be use to receive money from ATM card anytime you forget to take along your card. Or you decide not to take your card along with you. You can download the App via Google Play Store and iOS Play store.

Send and Receive Money via mobile application can be used to send and receive money with your phone number. You can send money in three ways.

  • Send money to your Wallet account. Free, No charges.
  • To a friend’s or another Wallet user, Wallet account. Free, no charges.
  • To a bank account. This attracts charges.

You can receive money to your wallet account or bank account. All you need to do is give the payer, your Wallet phone number. The person will send it directly to your wallet account. The advantage of this, is that, the sender will not incur charges attributed to sending via bank account.

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Pay Bills through the App

You can also pay bills via your app. And this seems cool. Have you ever imagine the stress of going to pay for your dstv bill when instead you can sit at the comfort of your home to pay for such bill seamlessly? The App is there for you. DSTV is not the only bill you can pay with the mobile app. There are 23 categories of bills you can pay with the App.

  • Utility bill
  • Cable TV bill
  • Mobile Money
  • Phone Bill
  • Internet service
  • Investments and Insurance
  •  Invoice payment
  • Airlines and Hotels Payments
  • Transport and Toll Payments
  • BlackBerry
  • Mobile Money
  • Products and Services
  • Dialer’s Payments
  • Tax Payment
  • Religious Institutions
  • Association/Membership Dues
  • Schools
  • Prepaid card services
  • Betting and Lottery
  • International Airtime
  • Loan Repayment
  • Airtel data

Buy Airtime with the App

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This is another interesting feature. You can easily buy Airtime with the application on your phone in no time. MTN, Airtel, Globalcom and 9Mobile airtime are available via the mobile app.

All Your ATM cards in One Place mobile app enable you to store all your ATM cards in one place. If you bank with five banks for example, you can store the card information in your Wallet App and can use this to receive money via ATM machine even if you are not with your ATM card. This feature is only available if you have a attached your BVN number on your account.

Virtual Dollar Card from

Virtual dollar card is also available on the app. This is also available after you have attached your BVN. The Virtual card is similar to your regular ATM card. However, you can’t hold it with your hands, that’s why its virtual by the way. The Virtual  dollar card can work in most international transactions. Some of which are Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, GoDundMe, Dropbox, Facebook and the list goes on.

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View Transactions History on

The App makes it easy for you to view transaction history. So, if you have made a transaction earlier, and you intend to repeat such transaction, you can repeat the loop via transaction history. This relieves the stress of performing the same task over again.

Summary of Specifications of App

App name
Download Type Free
Download Source Google Play, iOS Play Store
Category Finance
Send Money YES
Receive Money YES
Borrow Money NO
Usage Pay for certain services
Savings NO
Pay Bills YES
Virtual Dollar Card YES
Card Type VISA
Fingerprint YES
BVN Required for advance usage
Alert Type emails / Push Notifications / SME (charges required, N5)

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