May 28, 2022


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What Apple Pencil can do for you


Apple pencil is a world best digital pencil. While reading for the post, I was astounded at Apple pencil capability. The latest Apple Pencil is the one that accompanying 10.5 inches-iPad Pro and 12.5 inches-iPad Pro.

This pencil seamlessly makes writing and drawing with digital pencil on a smartphone as easy as if you were writing on a book or drawing on a drawing book. Architect, Artist, business directors, bloggers, and others can benefit from using the this digital pencil.

Regarding the Apple pencil, a testimony was started in Apple website. It says “We were surprised how much it feels like drawing with pen and paper, but in a digital setting, where you can still undo and change it again. It feels great for sketching something quick, but can also be used for detailed drawings.” Says Hvass & Hannibal.

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You do not need to go for any training to use this Pencil. You can easily sketch a model, draw or write a note on a document. Furthermore, you can sign a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU and other documents used in the office with ease before printing it or sending it via mail.

Mentioning mail! Apple pencil works well with mails. You can sketch beautiful drawings and other activities mentioned above and send them via mails.

You can draw lines of any lenght, shades and rest your hands on screen while using the Pen. The iPad Pro has rejection technology that allows you rest your hands on the screen while using the pen.

Apple Pencil can be use along with various mobile applications for iOS device. You can conveniently use it with Pixelmator, Adobe Comp CC, Paper by FiftyThree and Notes.

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Worrying about battery life. That’s no problem. Working with Apple Pencil gives you 12 hours of battery life. Apple Pencil comes with all iPad gadget.

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