May 29, 2022


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Xiaomi encouraging smartphone components suppliers to set up branches in India


Xiaomi, a phone maker base in China, is encouraging phone component suppliers to set up branches in India. Xiaomi is base in China and it’s is second largest smartphone manufacturer in China. If this comes to fruition, it will create at least 50,000 jobs in the country. The company has six manufacturing plants in India.

India Prime Minister, Narebdra Modi, has been campaigning for made in India product. So, Xiaomi push for manufacturing components in this country will be a major boost for Modi’s plan. Especially has it is bringing more than 50,000 jobs to the country.

The push will bring about $2.5 million investments to Asian, the tech giant who had succeeded to gain highest market share in India against Samsung said. The managing director of Xiaomi, Manu Jain said the company is putting up three more manufacturing plants in India including Surface mount technology, SMT, plants.

SMT is a panel that is used to incorporate most components and chips and its half the cost of manufacturing a smartphone.

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