May 20, 2022


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You can now use Paypal on Rave-Flutterwave

Photo source: Flutterwave

It is an exciting time for online merchants in Nigeria and Africa, as Flutterwave has makes it possible for customers to pay with their Paypal account. Flutterwave is a Nigeria fintech startup specialised in creating online payment platform that will aid all Africa businesses to enable transactions anywhere in the world.

Online payment system in Nigeria and more especially in Africa have never been favourable to Africans. Without a credit card or a dollar debit card, it is far from possible to perform online international transactions. To say the truth, I am also a victim to this. Flutterwave has for at least two years now coding and decoding new ways to improve the online payment platform for the benefit of Africa.

With Rave, Flutterwave’s online payment platform, you can easily make payment with your debit card. Now, the tech startup has included PayPal as part of its payments gateway.

What does this means to merchants in Africa? Merchants can now accept payment from the over 200 million PayPal users around the world. Also, customers from Europe, Asia and America having a PayPal account can now purchase goods and services in Nigeria.

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“Flutterwave is on a mission to change how the world does business with Africa by connecting every African to the global economy. With pay with Paypal, we are one step closer to taking African businesses global. Join our wave and start accepting payments with Rave now.”

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